DA-360 (3-way Comp.)

TW2701 Tweeter - 2pcs
MW1601 6"Midbass - 2pcs
+ CM53 3 "Midrange - 2pcs
XP-360 Crossover - 2pcs
DA 360 Component Set
  XP-360 Features:
Adjustable for 2-way, 3-way and semi passive setups.
Capable for bi-amp, tri-amp, semi passive and fully active systems.
Adjustable 6-steps precision attenuation network for tweeter.
Convinient gateway for active and/or passive setups.
Small footprint [200(L) X 140(W) X 50 (H) mm] for convinient placement i.e. under the seat, etc.
Suitable for single amp 4-way speaker (3-way front + sub) for compact installation.


System Specifications:
Input sensitivity (full passive) : 88db/1W/1M
  Frequency Response: 45hz - 21,000hz
  Impedance: 4ohms nominal
  HPF - 415Hz (12dB), 5, 600Hz (18dB)
  LPF - 360Hz (12dB), 4, 500Hz (18dB)

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